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By | October 14, 2019

Tejas Thackeray Wiki

Hello friends, in today’s article we will find information about the younger son of shivsena chief Udhav Thackeray. Yes, we are talking about Tejas Thackeray. Here is information about Tejas Thackeray Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Political Career.

Tejas Thackeray Wiki

     Tejas Thackeray Wiki

Tejas Thackeray Wiki

Recently Tejas Thackeray came into news when he appeared with Udhav Thackeray in a political rally.
Tejas Thackeray is the younger son of Udhav Thackeray (Shivsena Cheif) and grandson of Balasaheb Thackeray.

According to Tejas Thackeray Wiki, He works with Biodiversity Conservation Team and he is doing a very good job. He also found new species of snakes and crabs.

Recently found snake species was named as Boiga Thackerai due to Tejas Thackeray‘s immense contribution to find that snake species. This snake species was found in the Western Ghats near Satara Districts. Term Boiga Thackerai also means Thackeray’s cat snake.

First Time Tejas Thackeray found this species in 2015. He studied it and submitted research to Biodiversity Foundation. Tejas was praised by his brother Aditya on Instagram for this exceptional achievement. Here is how aditya congratulated his brother on Instagram.


When Udhav Thackeray is busy in the campaign for Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019. Tejas Thackeray spotted in rallies with his father Udhav Thackeray. This news was viral on all news channels. Because many Political Pundit said it is signal that Tejas Thackeray will soon become active in Politics.

But Udhav Thackeray cleared this doubt in the rally. He said that ” Tejas came with me to just see Shivsena ralley. He is happier in Forest doing what he loves”. From this statement, it is clear that Tejas Thackeray will not enter in politics soon. But who knows, anything can happen in politics. So this was short information about Tejas Thackeray Wiki.

Tejas Thackeray Age

He was born on 5 August 1996. So Tejas Thackeray’s Age is 24 years as in 2019.

Tejas Thackeray Height

He is tall and his height is probably 6 feet.

Tejas Thackeray Girlfriend

There is no information about his relationship status. We will update the information soon.

Tejas Thackeray Family

According to Tejas Thackeray Wiki, here is information about his family. He is younger son of Udhav Thackeray and Rashmi Thackeray. He is the younger brother of Aditya Thackeray. Rahul Thackeray and Aishwarya Thackeray are his cousins from Aunt Smita Thackeray.  Great Balasaheb Thackeray and Mina Thackeray are his grandparents. Prabodhankar Thackeray and Ramabai Thackeray are his grandparents.

Tejas Thackeray Political Career

His political career is not started yet. But from news sources, he may become president of Yuvasena ( young wing of Shivsena) soon. He is more interested in Wildlife exploration.

So this was full information about Tejas Thackeray – Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Political Career, family

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